Best and worst: The UK cities that are most and least likely to follow through on New Year's promises

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For many of us, a couple of weeks into January and we're ready to bin those well intentioned promises made on New Year's Day.

But new research by Amex has revealed which UK city is most confident about following through on their New Year's resolution.

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Londoners – take a bow. More than half of those polled (52 per cent) said they expected to keep their promises.

Tenacious Terrys

Rank Cities where people are most confident about keeping New Year's resolutions
1 London
2 Newcastle
3 Cardiff
4 Southampton
5 Liverpool

Here at City A.M., this forced us to conclude one of two things is happening here: either Londoners truly are the most tenacious at following through on New Year's resolutions; or those living in the capital are the most confident about... well... perhaps they are simply the most confident.

Weak-willed Willies

Rank Cities where people are least confident about keeping New Year's resolutions
1 Norwich
2 Bristol
3 Glasgow
4 Nottingham
5= Manchester
5= Brighton

And Amex had some fab advice to help you keep on track.

The credit card firm said friends can be a great source of encouragement and treats don't simply have to edible. Dashing out to the New Year sales can be as good as eating a piece of your favourite cake.

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"Don’t give up," Amex advised. "Don’t let slip ups bring your new regime tumbling down. Everyone makes mistakes, so it’s important to move on and focus on achieving your ultimate goal."

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