No business like snow business: The funniest tweets about London's flurry of snow

Emma Haslett
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Arctic Weather Arrives In The UK
If you look closely, you can just see the snow in front of the light... (Source: Getty)

The Met Office had issued warnings, Transport for London (TfL) said it had prepared - but in the event, in the capital yesterday's snow flurry proved pretty disappointing.

That didn't stop Londoners from taking to Twitter to express their excitement, though. Here are the best tweets about #Snowmageddon.

With the Met Office having issued warnings days ahead, Londoners knew they must be prepared.

But no one panicked.

(Except the media...)

Despite TfL's best assurances, everyone knew how London would react.

When it finally arrived, there was a sense of... disappointment.

Some felt like they had been cruelly deceived.

Most soldiered on, despite the horrors.

Although inevitably, out-of-towners took the chance to complain about how soft Londoners are.

Still - for one of our colleagues, it was a chance to bring out his lyrical side.

The good news? More sleet is due this morning. Hang on in there, London...

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