A London-based restaurant said it's banning avocado to give other superfoods a chance


Avocados are out, one restaurant has decided (Source: Getty)

In 2016, the avocado was far and away Britain's fastest-growing food or drink item, clinching nearly £50m in sales, according to research firm Neilsen's annual supermarket analysis.

Now, one London restaurant that thinks the humble fruit is overrated has taken action with a zero avocado policy.

In a statement, Firedog, an Aegean-inspired restaurant and bar has said, "Avocado isn't the only superfood around", in what might be a massive miscalculation of the public's love for anything avocado or a wild publicity stunt.

Disgusted by the prospect of a meal based around a smashed avocado, the restaurant and bar, which serves all-day breakfast and lunch, said there should be more to eating out for breakfast or lunch than avocado on toast.

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Located in Fitzrovia, Firedog will instead take the "valiant move" of nixing avocado and producing Greek mezze meals which utilise other star ingredients that get less press, like fennel and pomegranate.

London has "done avocado to death" said executive chef George Notley. "We’re frankly bored of seeing it on every breakfast and brunch menu."

"Our mission is to reinvigorate the morning dining scene in London."

But will 2017 be the year of fennel? Earlier this month, top London chefs revealed their predictions for 2017's trendiest menu items, which included plankton, charcoal and vegan dishes.

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