From easyJet to British Airways: Here are the most complained about airlines of 2016

Rebecca Smith
EasyJet came top of the
EasyJet came top of the "Carriers of Shame" list (Source: Getty)

Thomas Cook has been knocked off the top spot in one list it'll be pleased not to take the crown.

It's no longer the most complained about airline, according to EUclaim, instead easyJet has been bestowed with that dubious honour.

Ryanair didn't escape criticism either - EUclaim said the number of compensation enquiries made about the Irish airline was up 60 per cent from the year before, which was enough for it to come in second on the list with 9,887 claims.

Michael O'Leary's airline has had better news elsewhere though: it has just been crowned the biggest in Europe by passenger numbers, after beating out Lufthansa last year.

Weather conditions were cited as a particular trouble for airlines, contributing to the number of delays and cancellations for last year.

An easyJet spokewoman said easyJet carries more passengers than the other airlines listed.

She said: "In 2016 easyJet saw unprecedented levels of disruption due to factors outside of our control like French ATC strikes and air traffic control congestion in the London area and in Europe which led to a higher number of claims.

“We will always pay compensation when it is due and strongly recommend that customers apply directly to easyJet rather than going through firms like this one so they can receive all of their compensation and avoid losing out paying fees.”

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British Airways came third with 8,117 claims, while Thomas Cook was in fourth on 7,382 - though it was the most improved on the list with nearly 2,000 fewer claims than the year before when it topped the "Carriers of Shame" list.

Carriers of Shame top five











British Airways



Thomas Cook





Tjitze Noorderhaven, UK manager for EUclaim, said: "Poor flying conditions throughout December as well as earlier on in March and June are likely to be a driving force behind the incredibly high volume of compensation advice we've responded to. However, whilst weather affects all airlines, some have been more efficient at reducing delays and cancellations. Thomas Cook for example has made great strides in improving its services."

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Airports were also thrown under the spotlight, with a top 10 "Airports of Shame" list based on where customers are more likely to experience delays or flight cancellations.

Norwich topped that, followed by Jersey and Belfast International. London airports Gatwick and Heathrow came fourth and sixth. The number of delays and cancellations at Heathrow was up 30 per cent and 72 per cent at Belfast International.

Airports of Shame top 10

1. Norwich

2. Jersey

3. Belfast International

4. London Gatwick

5. Newcastle

6. London Heathrow

7. Guernsey

8. Birmingham

9. Edinburgh

10. Southampton

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