Ready to get back on your bike? Here’s some top new cycling technology to enhance your daily commute

Steve Hogarty
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strong>Revolights 360
Front and rear mounted LEDs provide 360-degree visibility. Has the added side effect of making you look like you're in Tron.

Ellipse Bike Lock

The solar-powered Ellipse can only be unlocked with your smartphone and uses bank-level encryption to prevent Russian hackers from opening it. Theft alerts tell you when your bike is being tampered with, and it even sends a message to your next of kin if it detects you’ve been in a crash.

Connected Cycle Pedal

Released later this year, this smart pedal generates its own power and internet connection, tracking your bike’s whereabouts anywhere in the world to prevent theft and monitor your exercise routines.

Aftershokz Headphones

As seen on The Apprentice, these wireless headphones vibrate your inner-ear to produce sounds that don’t block out any external noises. Terrible name though.

Coros Smart Helmet

Using bone-conduction tech rather than earphones, this helmet can safely convey directions, music and calls to your ears without compromising your awareness of the road. The clever lid connects to an app to track cycling data, too.

Zackees Gloves

Make your signalling even more visible by embedding flashing indicators into your gloves. Zackees are bright, rechargeable and machine washable.

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