These are the 23 funniest #TubeStrike tweets from miserable commuters

Emma Haslett
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They may look miserable, but at least they're tweeting (Source: Getty)

A fine rain misted London's 5m-odd Tube passengers as they began the long trudge to work during today's 24-hour Tube strike.

Say what you like about the capital's commuters, but at least they retained their sense of humour - on Twitter, anyway, where hundreds made their feelings known.

Here are the best reactions:

The first rule of #TubeStrike: be prepared

The second rule: keep a stiff upper lip

Always make sure you have your story straight

If you can, work from home

... or try a different mode of transport

There's no point getting your hopes up

Just accept that out-of-towners will gloat

... but remember to think of others

Try to look for a bright side

... because you never know - you might be pleasantly surprised...

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