Office life hits workers in their wallets with an annual average bill of £1,000

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"How much do I have to put in for John's leaving present!? But I have children to feed!!" (Source: Getty)

Office workers spend more than £1,000 a year on items including birthdays, figures from Nationwide Current Accounts show.

Nationwide polled 2,000 office workers on the cost of after work drinks, charity donations, birthday presents, coffees and more.

Clothes and bags generated the greatest average bill with £120, while drinks cost of £102.

Other costs included contributions to gifts for retirements and weddings.

And with Secret Santa taking a whopping average of £42 from worker's pockets, it's perhaps not surprising 40 per cent reporting dissatisfaction with the cost of the so-called fun festive office tradition.

The cost of working in an office:

Item / reason

Average amount spent per year

Clothes and bags


Drinks / nights out (e.g. after work) with colleagues


Christmas parties / lunch / dinner


Birthdays (cards / presents)


Coffee / tea


Sweets / treats


Technology (e.g. tablet, phone, mouse, calculator)


Colleague leaving present / card


Comfort items (e.g. tissues, tablets, anti-bac)




Charity / Sponsorship requests




Secret Santa




Other equipment (e.g. pens, highlighters)








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