It looks like Theresa May is going to Davos

Emma Haslett
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Theresa May Leaves Downing Street To Attend A Commons Liaison Committee
Wrap up: May is heading to the WEF (Source: Getty)

If you're a recently-anointed world leader with two-and-a-bit months to organise a major geopolitical upheaval, there are few better places to be this January than the World Economic Forum in Davos, the annual billionaires' knees-up.

So it's hardly surprising that ahead of the beginning of Brexit negotiations, it appears Theresa May is planning to follow in the footsteps of her predecessor by jetting off to Davos when the conference begins later this month.

Business site Verdict reported today that May will be on the guest list in the 47th year of the annual gathering.

Having given 2015's event a miss, at last year's gathering David Cameron addressed the delicate topic of the EU referendum, saying he wanted to "confront this issue, I want to deal with it".

"My aim is absolutely clear: I want to secure the future of Britain in a reformed European Union," he added. Awkward.

Cameron was joined at the event by fellow leaders Justin Trudeau, Christine Lagarde and Alexis Tsipras - although Angela Merkel didn't go last year, and is unlikely to make an appearance this year - which does rather eliminate the potential for any pre-Brexit chit-chats with May...

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