The cost of New Year's resolutions: Here's how much you'll spend on fancy diets and gym clothes

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Did you resolve to get fit in 2017? It could cost you (Source: Getty)

After Public Health England warned Londoners they drink too much and don't exercise enough last month, many of us took the hint and set a New Year's resolution to get fit.

In fact, the most popular resolution set in 2017 was to achieve a healthier lifestyle with a third of Brits setting goals to exercise more and a further 30 per cent planning to eat better, new research from American Express suggests.

Over the year ahead, we're expected to shell out for our resolutions, whether we end up keeping them or not.

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Health-related goals could cost you up to £1,592 for all the special new gear and kitchen gadgets.

Healthier food like fruits and vegetables were ranked the most important way to achieve a health-related resolution with 86 per cent of Brits ranking it the most important.

On average, we're likely to spend an extra £164 pounds on stocking our fridges with fruits and veggies and £149 more on special diet programmes.

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Spending on new fitness clothing like trainers and active wear will be £102 on average, while health supplements will cost £121.

The single most expensive splurge is spending on a gym membership, which will cost you £246 extra this year. Or you could save some money and buy gym equipment for your home, which costs on average £160.

Alternately, ditch the new regime altogether and be like one of the 28 per cent of Brits who've decided to save more money in 2017.

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