Important: EasyJet is trying to reunite this lost teddy bear with its owner

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The bear looks rougher than EasyJet's recent financial statement (Source: EasyJet)

Stop everything - there's a lost teddy bear that needs to be reunited with its owner.

The bear, which has been temporarily nicknamed Shackleton, was left on an EasyJet flight and has been travelling around Europe ever since.

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But aircraft captain Matthew Clutterbuck (also a good name), who rescued the "sad-looking" bear, thinks it's time to return his new furry friend back to its owner.

The airline is trying to get the attention of Shackleton's owner by posting about the bear on Twitter under the hashtag #GetShackletonHome.

Unfortunately for the airline, its attempt to do a good deed landed it in hot water with some angry Twitter users, who have used Shackleton as an excuse to slam EasyJet for its customer service.

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One Tweeter going by the name of Bruce Reynolds said: "@easyJet why can you find a bear but not my check in #luggage that I paid you 32GBP for on top of my ticket. It's been over 45hrs..."

Then, someone turned on the bear (with perhaps good reason), asking: "Has it been through the engine?!?!"

Clutterbuck said: "I have two young children of my own who both have soft toys which have to go everywhere, so I can understand how attached children are to their favourite toys and so know how distraught children can be when they lose them, and just how stressful it can be for the parents as a result!

"Hopefully with a bit of momentum behind the search on social media we'll be able to give the child somewhere a late Christmas present."

Shackleton was likely lost by its owner on a flight between Bordeaux and Luton on 20 December 2016.

It is not clear why EasyJet hasn't just contacted the people on the flight to ask if they have lost a toy bear...

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