Female brewers in US are protesting Trump with a new beer

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Trump Critics Rally In Berlin
The brewers said a new wave of hate is coming in the US (Source: Getty)

A new protest against Donald Trump has emerged in the US, but this one's a bit boozier than the rest.

In Denver, Colorado, multiple female-led breweries have come together to make a special protest beer just in time for the divisive US President-elect's inauguration on 20 January.

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Taking inspiration from Russian punk band and infamous protestors Pussy Riot, the brew is called Makin' Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer.


Brewers Lila Mackey from Black Sky Brewery and Kim Collins from Guardian Brewing Company came up with the recipe – a black Belgian saison made with peppercorns and Belgian saison yeast.

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The beer was made to combat hate and oppression, a statement on Guardian Brewing Company's website said, adding: "We will not stand for the new strong wave of hate hitting our country."

Whatever your politics, you can't argue with the brewers' calls for donations to charity. They're asking for at least $1 of every pint sold at participating breweries to go to a charity.

The brewers said: "We have no idea what the next four years or the future will bring, but we can try harder to help others, especially strangers."

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Denver brewer Bess Dougherty said: "The goal is to effect change through art with whatever tools you have. We are brewers, so our tool is beer."

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