Whitehall's top mandarins are demanding a pay-rise because of Brexit

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94 per cent of top civil servants believe current pay rules "are not fit for purpose" (Source: Getty)

A union representing top civil servants has written to the government to demand pay rises because of the pressures of Brexit.

In evidence submitted to the Senior Salaries Review Body, which advises the government on pay for public sector workers, the FDA has warned 94 per cent of senior civil servants believe the current pay regime “is not fit for purpose”.

Civil servants have been among the public sector workers subject to pay restraints and the FDA argues that Whitehall staff are facing extra pressure to implement Brexit while also facing reduced numbers.

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FDA general secretary Dave Penman said: “To quote one member, '…the country needs a civil service that is optimistic, energised, proud, confident and ambitious – what we have is a senior civil service that is thoroughly dispirited and demotivated'.

"Some haven't seen a pay rise in a decade, all have seen their pay cut in real terms by around a quarter. The strain of the pay freeze and staff reductions is taking its toll."

He added: "This chancellor needs to take a more realistic position and heed the FDA's call for real investment in the [senior civil service], not a never ending series of temporary fixes dreamt up on the hoof that end up being a costing the public more than before the pay restraint began."

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The FDA represents 18,000 senior civil servants, diplomats, policy advisors and other public sector groups.

The SSRB's recommendations on pay, and the government's response, are expected to be published in April.

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