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The VR bridge trip for the engineers of the future

Andy Moore
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Have you got a ticket to ride? If so, roll up for a magical mystery tour of a virtual 3D ride that will rock you.

After billions of images, £300,000 and enough tech to make a Star Wars Rogue One animator sweat, the 3D mapping of the Forth road and rail bridges - and the new Queensferry Crossing - is now complete.

It is one of the most innovative and detailed 3D scan projects ever used in bridge construction - all part of Scotland's fledging tech scene. Taking a mere 90 days for the bridges to mapped on foot, using ropes and from vehicles and boats, the imagery will be used to promote engineering skills for school children.

Transport Scotland provided a grant of £425,000 to enable digital heritage experts to start work on learning games, augmented reality apps, real-time interactive models for virtual headset tours and video fly-throughs for release in 2018.

Check out the video.

And be one with 3D.