Londoners could save thousands of pounds by swapping their flat in the city for a year-long cruise

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Would you leave London for a year on the sea? (Source: Getty)

The average rent in London has reached a record high and house prices are continually edging up. Is it time to swap your London flat for something new?

How about a room on a cruise ship?

Spending a year at sea could save Londoners thousands of pounds according to research from Planet Cruise.

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The UK-based cruise travel agency said its new year-long cruise, which set sail on 2 January and returns 5 January 2018, is cheaper than the cost of living in 10 cities around the world. The lists include London, New York and Sydney.

Londoners would save an average of £5,712, or 36 per cent of average living costs, while touring exotic locations around the globe.

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The 2017 cruise costs £24,000, and although you might be out of a job, the price includes food, entertainment and accommodation and you'd be missing out on costs like commuting and paying utilities.

Londoners' savings pale in comparison to residents in Monaco, however. Making the jump from a house in the principality to a room on a cruise ship would equal savings of around £38,000.

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