An actual earthquake actually happened in the UK yesterday

Emma Haslett
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The Enduring Allure Of The British Seaside
Scarborough: The scene of the devastation (Source: Getty)

The British Geological Survey has confirmed that an actual earthquake took place in the UK yesterday. Well, off the UK, anyway.

According to the organisation, an earthquake with magnitude 3.8 struck in the Southern North Sea just before 7pm last night.

The epicentre of the quake was 93 miles east of the town, at a depth of 18km.

Each year the UK experiences 20 to 30 earthquakes strong enough to be felt, while hundreds of others are picked up by ultra-sensitive instruments.

The British Geological Survey lists six earthquakes in the last 30 days, including one with magnitude 1.9 in Saron, Carmarthenshire on 10 December, and one with magnitude 0.9 in Kirkbride, Cumbria, on Monday.

Unperturbed by the devastation, Scarborough residents took to Twitter to demonstrate their steely resolve:

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