The 18 fitness apps that will get you in shape for 2017

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Long hours? Always travelling? We’ve picked the best apps for busy people so you can get fit anywhere and anytime


Pocket Yoga

Let a soothing cartoon lady guide you through 27 sessions of varying difficulty. Pipe your own music through the app and log the calories you’ve burnt.

Fitstar Yoga

Expert yogi Tara Stiles has helped to devise this wearable-friendly app. HD videos explain poses for beginners and new workouts are added monthly.

Yoga Studio

Join a yoga class or create your own, then make it a habit by syncing it with your calendar. You can also download classes to practise offline.



A wildly popular app by a British ex-monk, try out Take 10, a 10 min-a-day free meditation trial, then subscribe for more tailored courses.


Download guided meditation sessions from 3 to 25 mins long and learn breathing exercises to help you relax, focus and get more restful sleep.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Track your emotional progress with this app, which offers meditations to start and end the day, then share your newfound inner peace with friends.

Short Workouts

Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout

Get buff with nothing more than a wall, a chair and a bit of floor space, choosing from over 1,000 routines and 20 intensity levels.


Do you want to be ‘leaner’, ‘fitter’ or ‘stronger’? If you can’t tell the difference, this app has focused timed workouts so you can be all three in no time.

Nike Training Club

Need some inspiration? Nike’s app has workouts from 15 to 45 mins led by superstars like Serena Williams and decathlete Ashton Eaton.


Bike Doctor

A handy manual that explains in words and pictures how to fix pretty much anything that can go wrong with a bike, including the wheels falling off.


The most popular running and cycling app going, Strava plugs you into a social network of bikers, sharing your results and tracking your progress.

Google Maps

It might seem obvious to some, but Google’s route planning and navigation features are a boon for cyclists and knock Apple’s effort into a cocked hat.



Track your run using GPS and enjoy a veritable kaleidoscope of charts, graphs, maps and data detailing your progress. Works with wearables.

Couch to 5K

You can find free “Couch to 5K” plans online, but this app will help you keep track of your progress, and features a helpful trainer shouting in your ear.


This app tracks pretty much every sport there is, connecting to Apple’s Health app and compatible wearables to record absolutely everything you do.



Pact uses cash stakes to keep you committed to your new workout routine. Bet on yourself going to the gym and earn money from those who don’t.

Zombies, Run!

Nothing motivates quite like a simulated horde of the undead coming for you. Run to stay alive, collect resources and, as a side effect, get really fit.


Scan barcodes or choose from a database of dishes and MyFitnessPal will track your calorie intake, using social features to keep you on the wagon.

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