Low sodium salt undergoes a taste revolution and heads for commercialisation by Aim-listed company

Tracey Boles
Various salty and sweet snacks
Salty snacks (Source: Getty)

SALT is heading for a new low sodium revolution: Aim-listed IP company Tekcapital will today announce successful test production and independent taste testing of its proprietary low-sodium salt product, µSalt.

The taste test of traditional potato chips versus those salted with µSalt yielded no statistically significant difference in perceived salt flavour. However, µSalt has 40 per cent less sodium, conferring it with potential health benefits.

µSalt consists of low sodium nano particles which dissolve faster and are therefore tasted faster by the consumer, which allows for the reduction of the concentration of salt in dry snacks where salt and spices are applied to the surface.

Today's results pave the way for commercialisation of the product which is likely to have a variety of applications including table-top salt, dry snacks such as chips and crisps, popcorn, cereals, and spice mixes.

Tekcapital, which has a market capitalisation of £12.4m, is currently in discussions with a number of companies regarding commercialisation and will update the market in due course.

Other patents in the company’s portfolio include an ‘in-shoe’ energy harvesting technology which helps uses kinetic energy from walking and running activity to recharge smart devices and, Crackle-baked, a coating composition and process for baked products that imparts them with the attributes of fried products.

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