The 10 companies where directors earn the highest salaries

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City firms pay directors very well (Source: Getty)

Thinking of climbing the career ladder in 2017?

C'mon, who isn't, let's be honest. It's a new year bringing new opportunity, after all. But if you're looking to make the leap to director level, or are eyeing a change of scenery at that level already, some moves are worth making more than others - when it comes to salary, at least.

Those with dollar signs in their eyes can do no better than Deutsche Bank. Ok, it may be having a few problems right now (did someone say bailout?) but it's the best paying place to work, with directors raking in £126,000 according to Glassdoor. And that's not even including other compensation like bonuses and stock options.

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Other financial institutions Barclays, JP \Morgan and HSBC were not far behind either, with the banking industry rather unsurprisingly the most profitable place to work at director level the top ten ranking indicates, based on figures posted anonympusly by employees on the job site.

Also making a decent appearance are three of the big four accountancy firms, but, just one tech company, despite the industry having a reputation for attracting top talent with generous pay. Perhaps that's just reserved for the hard working engineers at the coal face.

"Almost all of these firms have their UK headquarters in London, proving that The City is still the place to be when it comes to leadership salaries," said Glassdoor chief economist Dr Andrew Chamberlain, noting that at the very top, salaries stretch to a six figure sum.

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So, stick to the City and these companies to become a high earning director...

Company Average salary Industry
Deutsche Bank £126,008 Banking
Barclays £125,000 Banking
JP Morgan £123,383 Banking
HSBC £120,000 Banking
Morgan Stanley £115,000 Banking
PwC £115,000 Accounting
EY £110,000 Accounting
BlackRock £102,000 Asset management
KPMG £102,000 Accounting
Oracle £97,440 Technology

Of course, salary is important, but if it's not your only guiding light in a job hunt, here are the best companies for in the UK to work for based on various factors of job satisfaction other than salary alone.

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