Here's how to book the best deals on summer flights

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Get ready to book your summer holiday... in March (Source: Getty)

It might be freezing and foggy in London, but it's never too early to start thinking about your summer holiday. Or is it?

Flight booking data was analysed by travel company Tripsta ‚Äčto find out how British travellers can get the best deals on flights in 2017 during busy travel periods like the summer holidays.

These are the company's top tips.

Pay attention to your day of departure

If you can avoid it, don't book to leave on a Friday. Across all flight bookings in 2016, Friday was the most popular departure day. Bookings on this day made up 21 per cent of all flights booked, and high demand will generally push the price up.

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You could drop hundreds of pounds off the price tag if you change a departure date to a less frequently travelled day, like a Thursday.

Change up trip length of short haul flights

For short-distance flights, consumers should aim to book at least 70 days in advance, and it's also helpful to book less common trip lengths to find better deals.

For instance, if you can spare the days off work, even adding an extra day onto a typical two week summer break or two day weekend away could take money off your flight.

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Thinking creatively about the timing of your trip will get you the best deals, Philipp Brinkmann, chief executive of Tripsta said.

Don't book your long haul flight too early

Unlike short haul flights, long haul travel prices don't necessarily go up with a shorter booking window.

Ideally, a long haul flight should be booked no more than 47 days in advance, with the best window of time exactly 44 days before the flight.

The most expensive flights were booked around 70.6 days before a trip.

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Avoid the busiest summer travel days

For peak summer travel, book your tickets in March and April. Sunday returns tend to be the most expensive, and flying out on a Friday in late July and August will also drain your bank account.

The most popular departure date for short haul flights in the summer was Friday 22 July – so book early if that's your ideal date.

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The most expensive long haul trips ran Saturday to Saturday, whereas the least expensive combination was Monday to Saturday, while other cheap flights left on a Thursday.

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