Storm Barbara: UK insurance firm says inclement weather won't stop Santa

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The advice for Mr Claus: Be ready for all weather conditions (Source: Getty)

One the UK's most respected insurance firms has confirmed that Father Christmas will be able to deliver presents, spreading joy to billions of children around the world.

JLT Re has a crack-squad of forecasters on hand to predict when the next major weather disaster could hit planet earth.

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And just two days out from the big day itself, the meteorologists have confirmed the news parents across the planet will want to hear: despite the fast approaching Storm Barbara, the weather won't hold Santa up and Christmas will go ahead as planned.

Nevertheless, the budding John Kettley's over at JLT Re warned Mr Claus should pack for every eventuality when he sets out on Christmas Eve.

"It’s exceptionally warm in the Arctic for this time of year, but Santa mustn’t be lulled into a false sense of security," said JLT Re meteorologist Brian Bastian.

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Not even Father Christmas could deliver the US presidency to Hillary Clinton (Source: Getty)

It's going to be rather nippy in western and south eastern Europe in particular. Similarly in western US and Canada, families should consider leaving an extra glass of brandy to keep the big lad warm during his trip around the planet.

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Mirroring the foggy conditions in the UK, the man in the big red suit should consider a pair of goggles and popping on the sat-nav as he flies across Mediterranean and the Middle East, northwestern Europe, Japan and the western portions of North America. The JLT Re weather team predict poor visibility as a result of low pressure systems.

Nevertheless, Bastian added:

However the good news is that despite some weather disturbances, we’re confident that Santa and his deer will have a good run on Christmas Eve, and is definitely on track to get all his presents delivered on time for Christmas morning.

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