Nokia has sued Apple in Europe, Asia, and the US for infringing on its technology patents

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Human Chain Against Nokia Factory Closing
Nokia is suing Apple over patent violations (Source: Getty)
okia announced today it had filed a new set of lawsuits against Apple in Asia, Europe and the US for violating 40 technology patent suits in 11 countries.

The Finland-based technology company originally said it was suing the iPhone maker yesterday, for infringing on 32 technology patents.

Shares in the company were down nearly five per cent today as analysts warned the legal battle could hurt Nokia's profits by delaying royalty payments.

The lawsuits cover patents for displays, user interfaces, software, antennas, chipsets and video coding.

Earlier this week, Apple sued Acacia Research and Conversant Intellectual Property Management, accusing them of working with Nokia to overcharge the company, Reuters reported.

"Since agreeing a license covering some patents from the Nokia Technologies portfolio in 2011, Apple has declined subsequent offers made by Nokia to license other of its patented inventions which are used by many of Apple's products," Nokia said in a statement.

"After several years of negotiations trying to reach agreement to cover Apple's use of these patents, we are now taking action to defend our rights," said Ilkka Rahnasto, head of patent business at Nokia.

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