Deloitte in humiliating apology to Downing Street for leaked Brexit memo criticising Theresa May

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Theresa May was said to be personally insulted by the note (Source: Getty)

Deloitte has apologised to the government for the leak of a note that was highly critical of a lack of strategic direction – and has been forced to give up bids for Whitehall contracts, according to reports.

The accountancy firm said the note “was not a Deloitte point of view”, while acknowledging the “disruption” it had caused Downing Street.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Theresa May has forced Deloitte to hold off bidding for government work for six months, according to the Times. Downing Street declined to comment on the apology.

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The memo was critical of the Prime Minister's style of leadership, and said businesses would be able to “point a gun at the government’s head”.

It also claimed the government and civil service were completely unprepared to cope with the scale of Brexit, saying an additional 30,000 staff members were needed.

The Prime Minister’s office had sought to distance themselves from the memo, saying it was an “unsolicited document”.

Deloitte’s apology says the note, written by one of its consultants, was for “internal audiences” only.

The statement from Deloitte said: “Deloitte regrets the publication of the two-page note, and has apologised for the unintended disruption it caused Government.

“The note was for internal audiences and was not a Deloitte point of view. We have put forward a plan for working with Central Government to put this matter behind us.”

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