All aboard the train to London... Winterloo?

Lynsey Barber
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24 Hour Train Strike Impacts On Commuters
South West Trains has turned festive (Source: Getty)

Anyone travelling in or out of London today may notice a slight change to their destination.

No, it's not another major disruption to holiday travel (surprisingly), but the latest efforts of South West trains to bring a smile to the face of travellers.

All services are terminating at London, um, Winterloo....

Journeys can also me made to and from Snowhampton Central, Twinkelham and ​Basingstocking. And there's New Mald-wine and Deck the Vauxhall.

Slightly confusing for anyone not familiar with the routes, but bringing some unexpected joy to many passengers

And it's not the first time South West Trains have changed things up, taking inspiration for Valentine's Day last year with such renames as When Harry met Salisbury and Breakfast at Twickenham and jumping on the Boaty McBoaatface bandwagon with, yep, you guessed it, Trainy McTrainface.

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