Here's where you should base your business along the Tube map for the highest turnover

Rebecca Smith
Waterloo businesses have the highest average annual turnover
Waterloo businesses have the highest average annual turnover (Source: Getty)
ot a feeling your business isn't living up to its potential?

Well perhaps a change of scenery might cure the malaise. According to data intelligence firm DueDil, firms based along the Bakerloo line have the highest annual turnover and average growth rate.

For specific stations, Waterloo had the highest average turnover of £2.53bn and is followed by Paddington (£783m), Victoria (£575m), Cannon Street (£447m) and St. Paul's (£283m).

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The high average turnover of businesses local to Waterloo was predominantly because of the presence of oil giant Royal Dutch Shell Group PLC and its subsidiary, Shell Trading International Limited. Both companies ranked in the top three for annual turnover among all firms included in the study.

HSBC was in the second spot, with its closest station being Tower Hill and Audible in fourth, with Barbican station nearby.

Bayswater had the highest average growth rate for businesses at 77.75 per cent, followed by Gloucester Road (66.72 per cent), Embankment (at 44.73 per cent), Warren Street (35 per cent) and Mansion House (33.84 per cent).

DueDil looked at companies with a reported annual turnover in excess of £5m with a registered trading address in central London. The 11,475 companies that fit the criteria were then mapped to their nearest Zone 1 Tube station. The Waterloo & City line was excluded as it only consists of two stations.

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Top 10 Tube lines on average annual turnover:

Tube line

Average annual growth rate

Average annual turnover


22.14 per cent



20.96 per cent



20.24 per cent



19.92 per cent



19.61 per cent



19.22 per cent



18.08 per cent



17.43 per cent


Hammersmith & City

15.81 per cent



15.71 per cent


Top 10 stations on average annual turnover:

London Tube station

Average annual turnover

Average annual growth rate



19.63 per cent



16.59 per cent

Cannon Street


21.05 per cent



17.18 per cent

St. Pauls


18.53 per cent

Warren Street


35.00 per cent

St. James's Park


20.09 per cent

Charing Cross


22.67 per cent



14.29 per cent



11.80 per cent

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