Apple's wireless Airpod headphones are finally here (with delivery before Christmas)

Lynsey Barber
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Apple fans will have a happy Christmas (Source: Getty)

They're here!

The biggest leap forward in Apple's headphone technology has finally arrived, with the wireless Airpods now available to order on the UK Apple Store.

They're priced at £159 with deliveries in London being estimated to take place as early as 19 December - just in time for the crucial Christmas shopping season.

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The much-hyped Airpods had been expected in October, but Apple delayed them for an unspecified reason, although reports suggest there was some issue with getting the tech right in both earbuds.

Their unveiling by Tim Cook at the launch of the iPhone 7 back in September caused a big stir. They are typically Apple with a slick and understated design.

Those who do decide to fork out will no longer have to wrestle with tangled headphone wires (a modern day scourge and equally first world problem), though they might have to contend with other issues - misplacing the tiny gadgets being a major one.

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