Jeremy Corbyn speech on human rights disrupted by Syria campaigners

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Jeremy Corbyn Speaks On Human Rights Day
Corbyn said: "Okay… okay… it’s alright, it’s okay… okay" (Source: Getty)

Campaigners disrupted Jeremy Corbyn today as he attempted to deliver a speech on human rights.

The human rights activists were protesting Labour’s response to the war in Syria.

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As Corbyn began speaking, a group of campaigners moved in front of the Labour leader and held up signs calling for aid drops and sanctions against Russia.

As they stood in front of him, Corbyn said: “Okay… okay… it’s alright, it’s okay… okay.”

He then asked the group’s leader, Peter Tatchell, to let him speak until a Q&A afterwards.

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Questioned about Labour’s stance on Syria, Corbyn said: “Emily Thornberry on our behalf, during foreign office questions and on many other occasions, has made it absolutely clear that we do think there should be aid given to people in Aleppo, we do think the bombing should end, we do think there should be a ceasefire, we do think there should be a political solution, we do think the war should end in Syria.”

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