Michael Gove backs Theresa May decision: "I would have sacked me too"

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Michael Gove was formerly education secretary, chief whip and justice secretary (Source: Getty)

Michael Gove has said Theresa May was right to oust him from the cabinet, saying: “If I’d been in her shoes, I would have sacked me too.”

The former justice secretary has also said he regretted running for the Conservative Party leadership.

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And Gove said he had made “mistakes” in the way he withdrew his support for Boris Johnson’s leadership bid.

He admitted “the way in which I declared my stand for the leadership, I shouldn't have done it that way”.

“When Theresa May became prime minister she said that she no longer had a place for me in the cabinet and, to be honest, if I'd been in her shoes I would have sacked me too,” Gove said in an interview with the BBC to be broadcast on Sunday.

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“So I entirely accept that sacking me at the time was the right thing to do.”

Gove added: “I have to accept that the way in which I spent the final week or so of my ministerial life involved my making mistakes and having made mistakes you have to take the consequences.”

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