George Osborne has made a cool £500k on the speaker's circuit

Mark Sands
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Merkel And Osborne Attend German Industry Gathering
Osborne served as chancellor until he was axed by May in July (Source: Getty)

Before the Brexit vote, George Osborne was leading the Treasury's warnings of an imminent economic collapse if the UK voted to leave.

That hasn't quite come to pass, and one beneficiary of that is the former chancellor himself.

Figures revealed this week show Osborne has now earned more than £500,000 from making speeches since getting unceremoniously dumped on the backbenches by Theresa May.

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After a rip-roaring start, in which he made £320,000 for five speeches, a further three engagements in November have seen him pocket an extra £180,000.

A cool half-million for two months work equates to a £3m annual salary for Philip Hammond's predecessor.

By contrast, leading the Treasury brings in a paltry yearly wage of £134,000.

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