Sports Direct just bought a new corporate plane for $51.1m despite reporting its profits halved

Courtney Goldsmith
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Sports Direct has bought a new corporate jet
Sports Direct has bought a new corporate jet (Source: Getty)

Sports Direct announced its profits had halved today, but that didn't stop the company from buying a brand new jet for $51.1m (£40.4m).

The new corporate plane will join the company's corporate helicopter, a fleet of vehicles, a Best Western hotel and "several houses in and around Shirebrook" as the company's corporate assets and facilities.

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These assets present "operational benefits", Sports Direct said, like time management, that help the company meet its strategic priorities of becoming the "Selfridges of sports".

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The plane will be delivered in the coming weeks, and like the company's helicopter, it can be chartered at open market rates by third parties or for personal use by staff if not being used by Sports Direct.

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