Sony wants to make the next Pokemon Go

Courtney Goldsmith
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Japan's electronics giant Sony displays...
Sony has 10 mobile games in the works (Source: Getty)

Sony is hoping to mimic the success of rival Nintendo’s Pokemon Go with its announcement of as many as six new smartphone games to be released next year.

Starting in April 2017, Sony will release new games made for mobile phones, initially available in Japan and other Asian countries, said Tomoki Kawaguchi, executive director of Sony’s mobile gaming unit, according to Reuters.

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The shift to focus on smartphone gaming will allow the tech company’s franchises like Everybody’s Golf to break free of consoles and explore mobile gaming platforms.

Ten games are currently in the works, including titles PaRappa the Rapper and Arc The Lad.

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Sony’s announcement comes just before Nintendo debuts Super Mario Bros for the iPhone.

The company has done relatively well with console gaming compared to Nintendo, but mobile countries like Japan, the world's third-largest game market, are posing a threat.

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