David Davis says it is "inconcievable" that MPs won't get a vote on the final Brexit deal

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Government Ministers Attend The Weekly Cabinet Meeting
The UK voted to leave the European Union on 23 June. (Source: Getty)

Brexit secretary David Davis has said MPs will get a vote on the final terms of a new relationship with the European Union.

Speaking in the House of Commons today, Davis made clear the government's support for "the spirit" of a Labour motion demanding it publishes a plan for its talks with the EU, "with a vital caveat that nothing we say will undermine the strength of our negotiating position".

And Davis also said it was "inconcievable" that parliament would not get a vote on the terms of a final deal with Europe, although he declined to provide more detail.

However, he stressed that rejection of that deal would not overturn the result of this summer's Brexit vote.

On the topic of legislation, he also said the government is still assessing exactly how much legislation will be required to trigger Article 50, pending the result of its appeal to the Supreme Court.

"One of the reasons we are waiting for outcome is to get precisely right what this House has to do," Davis said.

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Pressed on customs union membership by MPs, Davis repeated that the government has yet to make a decision.

"This is not a binary option. There are about four different possibilities and we are still assessing that," he said, citing the existing positions of both Norway and Switzerland.

"There are a whole series of options that exist," he said.

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However, Davis also pushed back on Labour's demand for detailed plans, which would allow the OBR to fully interrogate the government's forecasts on future relationships with the EU.

Davis said it would be "inappropriate" to involve the OBR, but commented: "While we won't be giving a running commentary we will give clarity wherever possible an as quickly as possible."

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