Donald Trump has beaten Nigel Farage to be named Time magazine's Person of the Year

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This is probably the second biggest prize Trump has won this year (Source: Getty)

Donald Trump has been named Time magazine's Person of the Year -the person deemed to have "most influenced the year’s news, for better or worse".

The US President-elect snatched the top spot ahead of his buddy from this side of the pond, Nigel Farage, who also made the shortlist this year, for having "[positioned] the referendum as the start of a global wave against the political establishment".

Trump was also running against former election rival Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, Simone Biles and Vladimir Putin.

City AM Did Time make the right choice?

"Following a President who prided himself on sifting drama through the sieve of careful consideration, Trump’s methods, for better and worse, tend to be closer to the opposite," said Time.

"And this is now Trump’s America to run, a victory made possible either because of historical inevitability or individual brilliance, or some combination of the two."

Trump takes on the mantle from another global leader, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who made the magazine's cover this time last year.

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