Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson is demanding a Brexit truce and attacking "braying" Ukip politicians

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Scottish Conservative Leader Drives A Tank
Davidson will accuse Ukip politicians of "braying" over the summer's Brexit vote (Source: Getty)

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson is to call for a Brexit truce, warning both sides of the EU debate to cease accusations of “racism” and “remoaning”.

Speaking at the Institute of Directors tonight, Davidson will tell both Levers and Remainers to “grow up” and heal the divides of the summer's referendum.

And she will also launch a stinging attack on "braying" Ukip politicians, warning an “arrogant” approach to the UK's Brexit talks will only further harm the UK's negotiations with European allies.

On the day the government begins its Supreme Court battle on triggering Article 50, Davidson – who campaigned for a Remain vote and featured in one of the pre-referendum debates – will also add that Europe must accept even the UK's most Europhile politicians “do not go to sleep under a European Union duvet”.

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Davidson will warn that Leave voters feel like they are being treated as “think and racist”, while those expressing fear of Brexit complain of being mocked as “remoaners”.

“Let me tell you, keeping these divisions open doesn’t end well,” she will say.

“So I’d like to make a plea. Remainers need to accept that Leavers are not racist for having concerns about the EU and our system of immigration.“And – for Leavers –it’s time to follow the lead of people like [Conservative MEP] Dan Hannan who point out that the views of the 48 per cent of people across the UK who backed Remain must be heard.”

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The Conservative MSP is expected to add that this stance must be reflected internationally, with a particular attack on Ukip, whose representatives she will say have been “gleefully rubbing Europe’s noses in this result with utter despair”.

“I say to those Ukip politicians: when they chuckle and bray about the result in June and how they’ve taught Europe a lesson - grow up.”

Davidson will add: “We are not going to get a good deal if the image we project to Europe is that of Nigel Farage needling Europeans by telling them their economies depend on hungry British consumers,” and she will warn: “macho, beer-swilling posturing at the golf club bar isn’t going to get us anywhere.”

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