NFU Mutual announces tie-up with BAE Systems to protect customers

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BAE Systems' partnership with NFU Mutual will commence in 2017 (Source: Getty)
t's probably not one of the most obvious business combinations but one of Britain's largest insurers has drafted in BAE Systems to help protect itself from financial crime.

NFU Mutual will team up with the defence giant to "provide the insurance firm and its customers with comprehensive protection across underwriting, claims and financial crime services."

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George Robbins of BAE Systems said the agreement would enable NFU Mutual to deliver on its "zero tolerance approach to fraud and financial crime".

Many businesses work in silos, which often means teams not only operate using different systems and technologies, they also duplicate effort and costs.

By consolidating NFU Mutual’s operations into a single group fraud and financial crime platform we can improve controls on financial crime and fraud detection.

NFU Mutual's Steve Bower felt the agreement was pivotal to customers: "By embedding these new advanced capabilities across claims, underwriting and financial crime, we are tackling fraud more effectively and ultimately providing greater value to our members.”

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