This map of European breweries shows the UK is the drunk hipster of Europe

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Bottoms up: the UK has more microbreweries than any other European nation (Source: Getty)

Forget the poor man of Europe - the UK is the drunk hipster of Europe, it turns out, after figures showed Britain has more microbreweries than any other country.

Yes, figures from The Brewers of Europe showed while Germany brews more beer than any other nation, at 95.6m hectolitres, the UK has more than 1,500 microbreweries. That's more than double the 717 Germany has, and way higher than the 690 in France.

This chart, put together for City A.M. by Statista, also shows the UK has more active breweries than any other European country, with a total of 1,880 - compared with Germany's 1,388.

But despite the upsurge in microbreweries, the amount of beer produced in the UK has fallen almost every year since 2010, when we made just under 45m hectolitres of the amber nectar - compared with a hair over 44m litres now.

Consumption has also fallen, from 45.9m hectolitres in 2010, to 43.7m this year - that's a drop from 69 litres per person in 2010 to 67 this year.

In September a study by EasyProperty found the location of craft breweries can predict where the next house price spike is going to be.

The research found prices in the areas around London's 50 "boutique" breweries have bucked the post-Brexit trend, increasing as much as 105 per cent in the past five years.

Prices in hipster-fied areas such as Walthamstow, Lea Valley and Gipsy Hill - home to breweries such as Left Bank, Signature Brew and the Gipsy Hill Brewing Company - have all experienced house price rises of 75 per cent or more over the past five years.

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