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Four facts about Fintech Connect 2016 you need to know

Andrew Littlejohn
Guided by the light...the UK fintech sector makes £634 per second. (Source: Getty)

Are you a fintech pro? Then you'll know 2016 has been a year that keeps on giving where events are concerned. If you’re going to Fintech Connect Live this week, you’re sure of a big surprise: it promises to be bigger than ever.


Because every second you’re there, £634 will be made in fintech in the UK. Held at the ExCeL, the event unites budding start-ups and thousands of delegates in the biggest phenomenon to hit the finance sector since the humble hole-in-the-wall.

By the time you read this post £38,000 will have been made. And that's no small amount.

So what’s going down at #FTCLive16?

1. It’s an event of numbers. Big numbers. Over 2,000 fintech professionals will be there from all over the world to talk shop with over 150 exhibitors. Imagine 2,000 fintech fanatics all together in one place for two days: The chat will indeed get a little techie. Fin-techie in fact. The event is where the next generation of early stage start ups will converge with established blue chips. All have been disrupting the traditional finance and insurance scene in recent years.

2. Day one includes key speakers from Loot, Fidor Bank and JP Morgan on the Future of Banking, while the afternoon will be devoted to Blockchain Rising with presentations from Ripple, Capgemini, HSBC and Tradle.

3. The event takes place at ExCeL, in the heart of London’s historic Royal Docks, just 10 minutes from Canary Wharf. ExCeL offers an abundance of flexible spaces and services, making it a top choice for public and trade shows, meetings and special events. And that techie talk just mentioned!

4. Day two will include dedicated sessions such as the ‘Opportunities and risks in the data economy in fintech’ with speakers from Barclays, Swisscom, IT Services and FinTech Market Strategist, with a late afternoon session focusing on peer-to-peer crowdfunding.

So, a magnificent mecca in store for fintech pros.

Techies aside, there will be a clutch of intermediaries there, including advisory bodies, Scottish Development International on Stand 63, and government organisations.

Ready for this week’s fintech feast?

You’d better not go in disguise.