These are the most entrepreneurial London boroughs

Helen Cahill
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East London is the best place for tech startups (Source: Getty)

East London start ups have gobbled up £23.2m worth of funding over the past four years, more than a third of all the lending to the sector in the capital.

The figures from the Start Up Loans Company show that north London and west London are lagging behind, attracting just £8.3m and £9.9m respectively over the period.

Start ups in the capital have been loaned £66.3m in total over the past four years. The most successful boroughs have been Hackney, which has attracted £4.9m, Lambeth (£3.9m) and Southwark (£3.9m).

The City of London has managed to cobble together just £51,900 in funding over the period, making it the worst performing borough.

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Tim Sawyer, chief executive at the Start Up Loans Company, said: "The East End's famous entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well and it's great to see Hackney leading the wag in the capital's start up stakes.

"Great business ideas can start anywhere, on the tube, in the pub, or in the kitchen. It's a scary decision to take a chance on your business but it's a shame to let creative ideas go to waste."

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