Theresa May's Conservatives now have a 16 point lead over Labour

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The Tories vote share is now at the highest level for seven years of ICM polling (Source: Getty)

New polling data has shown Theresa May's Conservatives extending their advantage over the Labour party.

According to new research published this morning by ICM, the Tories have a commanding 16 point lead over Jeremy Corbyn's party.

Asked who they would vote for in a general election, 44 per cent of Britons told the pollster they would back the Conservatives, compared to just 28 per cent for Labour.

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44 per cent also marks the highest vote share for the Tories for more than seven years.

ICM's data has the party reaching 45 per cent on just three occasions - twice during the financial crash when Gordon Brown was in office, and once in 1992 after John Major's election victory.

The Conservatives also enjoy a lead amongst every social grade, including the least affluent in society, and amongst all age groups except the 18-24s.

ICM Results

Conservative 44% (+2)

Labour 28% (No change)

Lib Dem 7% (-2)

SNP 4% (-1)

Plaid Cymru 1%

Green 4% (+1)

UKIP 12% (+1)

Other 1% (NC)

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