Forget John Lewis - Wes Anderson has done a Christmas ad for H&M and people are going crazy about it

Helen Cahill
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Adrien Brody stars in the short (Source: H&M)

Bow down, John Lewis, your ad has been well and truly trumped by this festive treat from H&M.

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The Swedish retailer has gone the extra mile and enlisted genius filmmaker Wes Anderson for its ad, titled "Come Together". Anderson has created a three minute short about strangers celebrating Christmas on a delayed train - H&M Lines' Winter Express.

Starring Adrien Brody, the charming film is head and shoulders above the cliche ads from John Lewis (which featured a jumping dog) and M&S (about Mrs Santa's quite victories in the Christmas workshop).

It's as subtle and visually stunning as Anderson's extensive back-catalogue, and the set takes its cue from his Oscar-winning The Grand Budapest Hotel. And the costumes are, of course, inspired by H&M.

Twitter is celebrating this unexpected Christmas present from Anderson, Brody and H&M.

As exposed by City A.M., the John Lewis advert, featuring Buster the Boxer, is littered with plot holes. No such basic errors from Anderson; his plot is simple, effective, and heartwarming - without the use of animals.

To see the John Lewis ad in virtual reality, you can head into a store and experience it with an Oculus Rift. Anderson's offering, however, doesn't need to be shown in 3D to make you smile.

If you're in any doubt about which is better, you can make a direct comparison by watching John Lewis' ad here:

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