UK and US politicians react to Fidel Castro's death

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Donald Trump Holds Rally In Wilkes-Barre, PA
Oh Donald: The US President-elect was not particularly sympathetic (Source: Getty)

Politicians from either side of the Atlantic gave wide spectrum of reactions to the news that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro had died overnight.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn praised Castro's "heroism" and in his official statement in reaction to the news said:

Fidel Castro's death marks the passing of a huge figure of modern history, national independence and 20th century socialism... he will be remembered both as an internationalist and a champion of social justice.

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Speaking during a visit to Oxford today, Corbyn was even more gushing.

"Fidel Castro was a massive figure in the history of the whole planet, ever since the revolution in 1959.

"There are stories of his heroism while living in Mexico in exile and then the boat to Cuba, the march to Havana and the revolution in 1959," he said, according to reports in the Daily Telegraph.

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson was more reserved and said Castro's death marks an "end of an era for Cuba and the start of a new one for Cuba's people". He added:

Fidel Castro’s leadership of the 1959 Cuban Revolution marked him out as an historic if controversial figure.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, US President-elect Donald Trump was less sympathetic and more blunt on hearing the news. He took to Twitter to react to Castro's passing away.

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