The average £1m London home now has fewer than three bedrooms

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£1m-plus homes, such as this controversial house in Chelsea, have just two and a bit bedrooms (Source: Getty)

The average home worth £1m in the capital has just 2.9 bedrooms, figures have suggested.

Using data from Savills researcher Lucian Cook found homes valued at between £900,000 and £1.1m across the rest of the UK have more than four bedrooms - while in London, it is fewer than three.

The next lowest figure was in the South East, where £1m will get you 4.4 bedrooms - while in the North East, you'll get a veritable palace, with more than six bedrooms.

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The research showed when you strip out London, 63 per cent of £1m homes in the UK have five bedrooms or more.

Not surprisingly, Kensington and Chelsea was the borough with the worst value for money - prospective buyers will only get 1.6 bedrooms for their £1m.

Westminster was the next worst, with 1.9 bedrooms, followed by Camden, where £1m will net you 2.1 bedrooms.

Havering was the best borough - there, £1m will buy you a five-bedroom mansion. The figure was only slightly lower in Croydon - although the next best, Redbridge, was only 4.5 bedrooms.

The figures found that 35 per cent of properties in the capital have two bedrooms - while in the South East, four-bedroom homes are more popular, accounting for 45 per cent of properties.

Across the South West, North West, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, Wales, the East Midlands and the North East, the majority of homes had five bedrooms - something most Londoners can only dream of...

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