Six ways to make sure your home sells this winter

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If the weather outside is frightful, make sure you keep it light (Source: Getty)

The nights might be drawing in and the mercury may be falling - but that doesn't mean you shouldn't put your house on the market.

In fact, the concept that putting your house up for sale in winter is a bad idea is a popular misconception. By following some of our winter-specific tips, you can make sure your property stands out from the crowd during the colder months.

1. Photography - keep it pretty

High quality shots of your home and garden are a must. As more buyers search for properties online before they even step into an estate agent’s office, great photographs are increasingly becoming essential in marketing a house.

When selling in the winter months, make sure have photographs of what the property looks like in the summer so you are showing its full potential.

2. A fresh lick of paint

Make sure the front door and front gate or fences are freshly painted, as it is the first thing visitors see when they arrive. Bold and bright coloured doors are what makes your property stand out in the dreary winter weather.

3. Shrubbery

Make sure your patios and doorways are visually appealing as it can make a huge difference to how buyers view your home. Go down to your local garden centre and purchase some evergreen shrubs to spruce up the front of the property. It may sound clichéd but it really is all about first impressions.

4. Parking

If you have off-road parking, make sure perspective buyers can access it in order to make parking as easy and convenient as possible for them.

If you do not have a drive way, let the estate agent know where to park, so they only have a short distance to the house and do not have to waste time circling the area to find a space.

5. Light and airy

Open the blinds and draw curtains right back to allow maximum light to enter the home if it’s still daylight outside.

You should also keep doors open to avoid dark passages, as this can make the house look smaller.

You want to create the right atmosphere for the visitors and light can be a key part of this, particularly when you are drawing them out of the dark winter weather and into a well-lit, homely property.

6. That wet dog smell

Although dogs can provide a great deal of companionship and comfort, they also bring with them smells that can detract home-buyers. When visitors come to view the property, take the dog for a walk or ask a neighbour to look after them – especially in wet weather.

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