Boris: Hostility to Trump is against the UK's national interests

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Trump tweeted overnight that Farage could be the UK's new ambassador to the US. (Source: Getty)

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson has warned MPs not to be premature in their judgement of President-elect Donald Trump, arguing that attacks on the US "could be damaging to the interests of this country".

Speaking in the House of Commons earlier today, Johnson called on MPs to be "as positive as we possibly can be about the new administration-elect".

Responding to questions from shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry, Johnson warned that Labour MPs have been "premature in [their] hostile judgements".

"And any such premature verdict, I believe, could be damaging to the interests of this country." he said.

It comes as Downing Street has refused to criticise Trump for his suggestion that interim Ukip leader Nigel Farage be installed as the UK's ambassador to the US.

A spokesman for Number 10 noted today that Sir Kim Darroch was appointed the UK's ambassador in January, with post-holders traditionally serving a four year term, but adding that the British government would appoint its own diplomatic staff.

"We have an excellent ambassador to the US and he will continue doing that work," he said.

Meanwhile, officials are continuing to investigate whether to invite Trump for a state visit to the UK as soon as next year.

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