More than half of UK shoppers don't know their consumer rights differ when returning goods bought in store versus online

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52 per cent of shoppers wrongly assumed return policies were the same in store and online. (Source: Getty)

After you've finished your holiday shopping and the shine wears off the cheeky new outfit you bought yourself, will you be able to return it for a refund?

More than half of British shoppers don't know that their consumer rights differ when returning goods bought online versus in store, a new report shows.

When it comes to returning non-faulty goods, 52 per cent incorrectly assumed policies were the same in store and online, while one in five (19 per cent) said they didn't know. Only 29 per cent correctly thought there was a difference.

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Which? Consumer Rights polled more than 2,000 people to find out how much they knew about their shopping rights.

While online shops must guarantee a 14 day returns window for non-faulty goods, your rights differ from store to store on the high street.

Most shoppers (74 per cent) were unaware of this.

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When shopping in store, it's best to check your receipt at the till, the report said. While some stores could offer a full refund, others might only offer store credit, an exchange or nothing at all.

In-store return policies often span 28 days, but increases are common during the holiday shopping season.

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