Second tram investigation launched after video shows a driver "asleep" at controls close to spot of tragic Croydon crash

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Tram Removed From Croydon Crash Site
A Croydon tram driver supposedly shown "asleep" at the wheel has prompted an investigation (Source: Getty)

An investigation has been launched into footage that appears to show a tram driver "asleep" while driving a tram close to the site where a major crash occurred nine days ago.

The driver in the video, who was doing 40mph two stops away from the crash area, had 50 passengers on board the rush-hour tram when the 33-second footage was filmed on 21 April, the Sun reported today.

The footage is not of the same driver that was in control of a tram that derailed and overturned near the Sandilands stop in south London early last Wednesday morning. Seven people were killed in the crash.

The tram driver was arrested on the same day the incident occurred, and questioned on suspicion of manslaughter. He was later placed on bail until May next year.

An initial investigation into the crash has found that the tram was travelling at 43.5mph in an area with a 12.5mph speed limit when it derailed.

On Friday, tram services resumed across the entire network. Transport for London has offered to pay for the funerals of all seven victims of the crash.

A Transport for London spokesperson said: "We are urgently investigating this film and have asked First Group, who operate the tram network, to take all necessary action and report back to us as soon as possible."

First Group has been contacted for comment.

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