You'll get the biggest payrises if you pursue these 10 careers (spoiler: banking isn't one of them)

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Starting out in retail? Your salary could more than quadruple (Source: Getty)

Fancy a payrise? It might be time to change careers - because new figures have identified the 10 jobs where people get the biggest salary increases as they progress up the ladder. And despite its high-paying reputation, banking isn't one of them...

According to the list, those working in retail can expect the biggest payrises as they progress through their careers. While they tend to start off with a relatively low salary of £15,000, after eight years' experience, they can expect to have bumped that up by 247 per cent, to £52,000.

Likewise, database engineers start on a salary of £17,700, but after eight years, are likely to be earning £58,638.

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Starting salary After eight years Increase
Retail representative £15,000 £52,000 237%
Database engineer £17,700 £58,638 231%
Game artist £11,950 £37,495 214%
Account executive £24,000 £65,000 171%
Auditor £29,000 £59,430 105%
Designer £25,688 £50,000 95%
Recruiter £22,000 £42,000 91%
IT executive £29,000 £55,000 90%
Marketing engineer £28,000 £52,000 86%
Front end engineer £28,000 £50,000 79%

A sectoral breakdown of the 18,000-odd jobs studied by Glassdoor is more eyebrow-raising - according to the research, those working in the arts can expect a 124 per cent payrise after eight years, while people who start out on £27,000 in telecoms will more than double their salary after eight years.

“When you’re thinking about a new career, it’s tempting to be drawn to the highest paying roles, but it’s even more important to understand how pay can progress in an industry throughout your career," pointed out Diarmuid Russell, head of international at Glassdoor.

Unless, of course, you start on £88,000. In which case, carry on...

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Starting salary After eight years Increase
Arts, entertainment and recreation £15,500 £34,750 124%
Telecoms £27,000 £55,000 104%
Accounting and legal £32,000 £65,000 103%
Business services £26,000 £48,350 86%
Finance £40,000 £73,040 83%
Property £22,000 £40,000 82%
Consumer services £18,000 £32,000 78%
Media £27,500 £48,000 75%
IT £34,000 £57,500 69%
Restaurants, bars and food £13,600 £22,923 69%

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