London business people gave Travelodge some of their most bizarre customer requests this year

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Unicorn at Stonehenge
"Can you arrange for a unicorn to help with my wedding proposal?" one customer asked. (Source: Getty)

Have you ever asked your hotel staff to help out with a wedding proposal, do your VAT returns or wake you up with a bagpipe serenade? If so, your wish might have landed on Travelodge's list of the most bizarre requests from the last year.

A few peculiar questions were simple mistakes made by tourists lacking knowledge of the UK.

One guest visiting Portishead asked what kind of cheddar cheese the Cheddar Gorge is made from, while another in Taunton asked when the dinosaurs come out at the Jurassic Coast. And then there was the guest who asked where they could find a Liverpool tart.

Apparently, relationship advice should be on the CV of all Travelodge employees.

One desperate person in Leeds asked Travelodge to purchase and deliver a birthday gift to their wife while they were in an important work meeting, and a customer in Coventry asked to be transported to their wedding ceremony on a white stallion.

Bizarre requests from London's business elite weren't uncommon.

Staffers at the chain's London Bank location were asked whether one customer's boss could arrive at the hotel via helipad, and a guest at London Docklands asked to have the stock market trading figures read to them while they ate breakfast.

Travelodge, which is one of the UK's largest independent hotel chains, has 523 hotels in the country. Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokeswoman, said while the hotel teams do their best to fulfil each customer request, unfortunately they will not be able to source a unicorn for your romantic wedding proposal.

Ten more of Travelodge's strangest requests

  1. Can you arrange for a full moon to be outside of my window tonight as I have a good night sleep when I can see the moon?
  2. Can you stop the seagulls from singing?
  3. Can you move my room to the roof as I want to sleep under the stars?
  4. Can you get Kobe beef for my pet Pomimo called Cleopatra?
  5. Can you give me directions to Peter Rabbit's burrow?
  6. Can you turn my bed into a fort using pillows?
  7. Can you be my translator on an important phone call from China?
  8. Can you prop my bed with philosophy books like my bed at home so that I can feel at home?
  9. Can you take me out for a run this morning and work out with me before my big meeting?
  10. Do I need a passport to go to Scotland?

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