Super Mario is coming to your iPhone next month

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The theme tune is already playing in your head, isn't it. (Source: Getty)
f you're one of the legions of 80s and 90s kids whose misspent youth was taken up frantically punching at SNES and Nintendo 64 controllers, rejoice - for Super Mario is finally about to appear on your iPhone.

Today Nintendo said it was planning to release Super Mario Run to Apple's App Store on 15 December, across 151 countries.

Yep, for the bargain price of $9.99, or €9.99, Mario, Louigi, Yoshi and friends can be back on your screen - in 11 different languages.

It's been quite a year for Nintendo, whose shares jumped in September after it said it was planning to launch Super Mario Run before Christmas.

Earlier this year, shares surged as Pokemon Go, based on 90s Gameboy classic Pokemon, became one of the summer's biggest crazes.

But a few weeks later they fell back after Nintendo admitted that, um, it didn't actually have a lot to with the game, having relinquished all but a 32 per cent stake in The Pokemon Company - meaning its success wasn't likely to have much of an impact on its bottom line.

Still, Super Mario Run provides a bigger hope. Excited? Here's a preview, courtesy of Nintendo:

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