TalkTalk hack: 17-year-old boy admits seven offences

Lynsey Barber
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Computer Hackers Hold Telecommunications Company To Ransom
The data breach occured last year (Source: Getty)

A 17-year-old boy has admitted seven hacking offences in connection with the TalkTalk data breach in Norwich Youth Court today.

The teenager, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty to seven charges under the Computer Misuse Act.

The data breach occurred last year and the telecoms firm was hit with a record £400,000 fine by the UK data regulator last month in connection with the breach.

The teen admitted he was “showing off to his mates” when he posted details of his hacking online.

Speaking to a friend on Skype after the event, the young man bragged he “had done enough to go to prison” the court heard.

Read more: TalkTalk boss Dido Harding: Customers "trust us more" after cyber attack

The cyber attack affected 157,000 customers, but TalkTalk boss Dido Harding today told City A.M. that the company was now a much better one as a result.

“Although I wouldn’t wish to go through that experience again, and nor would I want my customers to go through it or my shareholders, actually what has come out of it is a much better TalkTalk,” she said.

It came as the firm reported a jump in profits, signalling it was recovering from the fall out of the cyber attack.

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