Jeremy Corbyn: Donald Trump's election is a "global wake-up call"

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Jeremy Corbyn Visits The North East
Jeremy Corbyn has been leader of the Labour Party since September 2015 (Source: Getty)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has described Donald Trump’s election in the US as a “global wake-up call”.

He said that the Republican managed to tap into “real problems – stagnating or falling wages, underfunded public services, insecure work and housing, years of being left behind and neglected, frustration that your children's prospects look bleaker, and anger at a political elite that doesn't listen”.

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But Corbyn, speaking at Labour’s south east regional conference, claimed he has not offered “real solutions”, instead finding people to blame - “everyone... apart from those who are actually responsible for a broken economy and a failed political system”.

The Labour leader also accused the Conservative Party of doing the same.

“They have opened the door to Ukip and fanned the flames of fear,” he said.

Nigel Farage blames immigrants, yet offers not a single proposal to put a penny more into the NHS.”

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Corbyn added: “There is a common thread of experience for tens of millions of people in the US and UK.

“In both countries, people feel left behind: marginalised and disrespected by an economic system that makes them work harder for less, while hoovering up ever greater rewards for a small elite.

“People are right to be angry: our failed economic system is delivering falling living standards and rising inequality.”

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